Emergency Preparedness

Burke Hospice and Palliative Care’s emergency preparedness plan is designed to ensure continuity of service and support to our hospice patients and their families.  In the event of a disaster or emergency, below are some key details for point of reference.


·      Burke Hospice staff are educated about disaster risks/planning and monitor potential and pending events closely. 

·      Burke Hospice administration and staff will assist patients in emergency planning to the greatest extent possible.

·      Burke Hospice patients are encouraged to follow their personal emergency plans/instructions and are responsible for preparation appropriately.

·      Burke Hospice is part of a county/region-wide emergency preparedness plan to provide uninterrupted care and harm prevention.  

·      Burke Hospice is a 24/7 patient care service. If we are unable to reach the patient by a standard vehicle due to flooding, downed trees, etc., we can and will enlist the help of emergency services. 

·      If the weather is severe, some needs may be handled over the phone versus a visit.

·      It is important that the patient/family contact Burke Hospice for any immediate hospice needs.

·      Depending on circumstances, patients may need to relocate to Burke Palliative Care Center or a Burke Hospice Contracted facility that services Burke Hospice patients.

·      Burke Hospice will work closely with Burke Hospice facilities in the provision and care of our shared patients. 

·      Burke Hospice patients admitted or residing in a hospital or nursing home will be cared for according to the established disaster plan of that facility. 

·      In the event of relocation or evacuation, please contact Burke Hospice to inform us where you will be relocating.


Our patients/families are our priority and we will make every effort to ensure patient needs are covered and services are uninterrupted during a disaster or emergent event.  Emergency planning includes preparing appropriately in advance for your medication, oxygen, supplies, equipment and clinical staff needs. 


Burke Hospice operating hours are Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.  The Burke Hospice call center is open after hours or if office is closed and will manage calls and contact staff appropriately.  The Burke Hospice phone number is 828-879-1601.


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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Nancy VanNoppen